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Day 15: Hot and Humid in the 'hood

Bannu feeds the neighbourhood dogs

Today was mainly a research and planning day.

I got the scoop on the Ali Salem Bird Sanctuary, the tigers waterfalls in the Mhadei Wildlife Reservation, some amazing roads to check out on the motorbike, and a train route that winds up the Western Ghats, through tropical rainforest. All are nearby.

For reference, pepper spray is available on, but anti-venom is not.

I went through the infuriating process of trying to get a (second) SIM card in India.

During a walk to the shops, Ulrike and I ran into Bannu, feeding the neighbourhood dogs. They all know to show up at 5:30 for chicken and rice.

We miss you so much, Maggie.

We never expected to lose you so soon.

You are sweet and gentle and kind; quiet, but ready to give a non-intrusive tap on the shoulder when you need a pat or fell left out.

I know you often felt stressed out, but I hope you enjoyed spending the last eight years with us.

Declawing is amputation

Declawing sounds innocent. You remove the nail so it won't grow back, right?

Cat paws and human hands and feet actually have very similar anatomy. Declawing actually is an amputation of the last bone in the paw and the connecting tendon.

It often leaves cats in pain, and arthritis at age 2 or 3 is common.

Learn more at the Paw Project.


This is my cat and best friend Igor who died of cancer.

FreeBSD Kitten

FreeBSD kitten

I walked away for a few minutes and apparently the kitten decided to monitor top; then fell asleep.

28 sleeping processes. 1 running process: moused.


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