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FreeBSD Kitten

FreeBSD kitten

I walked away for a few minutes and apparently the kitten decided to monitor top; then fell asleep.

28 sleeping processes. 1 running process: moused.


I tripped across Erik's work while searching for a cascading grid layout. The breadth, detail, and creativity in his work is quite amazing. Many of his pieces play with illusion in the style of M.C. Escher.

My zombie bite calculation

The Zombie Bite Calculator

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How many tapeworms could your stomach support?

How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?

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My Android


Nigerian fraud victims: things are going to be O.K.

In this morning's e-mail:

Good day.

This to inform you that your e-mail address was found among the list of people that has been scammed by Nigerian impostors, It might interest you to know that a total sum of $3.5million had been set aside for compensation which will be deliver to you in a consignment box ,it was endorsed by the Presidency Federal Republic of Nigeria in conjunction with the homeland security during our first meeting this year.

Meanwhile, you are to contact the chamber in charge in respect of Barrister Richard Nelson with the details below

Name: Barrister Richard Nelson

For further progressive on how to make sure your fund is delivered to you,kindly fill the below requirement.

Full Name
Delivery address
Telephone number
Any form of identification of yourself

Be aware that all beneficiary will be responsible for shipping charges which cannot be deducted from the fund because there is a bond holding the consignment that stated that only the sole beneficiary of the fund is permitted to open it,the shipping charges is only $105 Also note that the federal high Court here will alert the United State Bureau and also your state police immediately your shipment leave  the shore of Nigeria so as to avoid any restriction and problem before the fund get to its port of destination.

Below is the cashiers details to send the shipping charges via western union money transfer.

ADDRESS: Lagos Nigeria, 23401
AMOUNT: $105

Get back with the MTCN# for easy confirmation.


Best Regard.
Federal High Court Of Nigeria.


Caine's Arcade: just try not to smile.


This makes me laugh every time


Stock photography that you'd like to pitch to your client but probably shouldn't.

I'm currently creating a very visual website for a countertop retailer. I'm drawn to images like these. "It probably won't save your marriage, but it may just spice up your affair."

Look closely at the last three.

Credit: DepositPhotos

Fruit fly carnage

This DIY fly trap did the trick in our kitchen. It consists of a dish of cider vinegar in plastic stretch-film with a 1cm diameter hole in the top.



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