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Install 64-bit Operating System as a VirtualBox Guest

You have installed VirtualBox, you have an ISO ready to install 64-bit Ubunto, FreeBSD, or your favourite OS, but when you try to create a new VM, 32-bits is the only option.

You may have searched, only to find that everyone says you need to turn virtualization on in your BIOS, but you checked, and you know it's turned on.

Try this: reboot.

Yes, a single reboot, and VirtualBox will offer to create 64-bit VMs.

Terminal to GIF creator

Unable to unghost an actor in Solidworks Composer

Sometimes an actor will look translucent, but when I select it the opacity is set to the maximum.

In the Assembly tab, click the Assembly Selection Mode button (the first one that looks like a lego brick).

Now the actor's opacity will be correct and it can be adjusted.

I sincerely doubt that.

An Update is Available for Your Computer

Single Threading, or Why won't my application use more than 12/25/50% CPU?

I get this question a lot.

You're running a graphics program or some other application that is performing a complex operation that is taking several minutes, yes the CPU usage won't surpass one of these values.

If the value changes up and down, your application is probably I/O-bound, meaning the CPU is waiting for the disk or network to catch up before it can do the next step.

However if it is pegged at one of these values, it is because the CPU-bound operation is single-threaded, and you have a multi-code and/or hyperthreading CPU. In my case, I often see a process pegged at 12/13% because I have a 4-core hyperthreaded (8 virtual CPUs) i7-2600K processor, and the application has not or cannot split the operation over multiple threads.

Text missing when you open a CAD PDF in Illustrator

Illustrator is usually prettey good about opening PDF files and keeping the text in tact, although usually with some font substitution issues.

I have found that when opening CAD drawings from PDF files that it says it is going to substitute fonts, but when the file opens, all text is missing. There is a quick workaround:

  1. Create a new empty document the same size or larger than the source PDF.
  2. Use File | Place to place the PDF in the empty document.
  3. Use Object | Flatten Transparency...
  4. Check Convert all text to outlines.
  5. Uncheck Convert all Strokes to outlines.

How to add a tab to a Table of Figures in Word

You have a Table of Figures in word and the descriptions do not line up, and some of the lines wrap. Since there isn't a tab after the figure/table number, lines do not wrap correctly.

There isn't a way to do this by setting a format when you create the table. You have to start when you are creating each of the captions.

You have to add a tab in each caption e.g. Figure 23:<tab>A photo of a kitten.

Then once you build your table you can set up tabs for the style used in your Table of Figures.

Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

I took my exam yesterday. If you know anyone who needs cross-platform mobile apps, let them know that you know a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer.


How to use ActivStats for Data Desk with Minitab

So you are taking a statistics course, and the textbook includes a DVD-ROM with ActiveStats for Data Desk, but the course requires you to purchase ActiveStats for Minitab.

The bad news is that ActiveStats for Minitab will cost you another 60 bucks or more.

The good news is that Minitab is an excellent statistics package and it is way better than Data Desk; and if you're willing to make a tiny effort, you don't need to buy ActiveStats for Minitab.

What we are going to do is let ActiveStats open data sets in Data Desk, and then copy-and-paste them into Minitab.

There are two circumstances you will need to do this.

  1. An instructional exercise asks you to plot or analyze something.
  2. A homework assignment asks you to plot or analyze something.

They both work the same way. Let's look at an example.

For every exercise in ActiveStats for Data Desk, there is an equivalent one in ActiveStats for Minitab. They are not always named the same thing, but they are otherwise identical.

In chapter 7-4, there is an exercise called Examine Mortality and Education Using Data Desk. We'll do it in Minitab.

If we click the icon, the exercise is opened in Data Desk.

One of the little windows contains the data set. Select the each of the data columns by holding down shift while clicking each one. Ignore the once called Reference.

Now copy these by pressing Ctrl-C or Edit|Copy Variables. You will be asked if you want the variable names in the first row. Click Yes.

Now fire up Minitab with an empty project. Position the cursor by clicking in the grey cell that is one over and one down. Press Ctrl-V or Edit|Paste Cells. Poof! There is your data set.

Now all you need to do is complete the exercise in Minitab. You may need to use your brain to find the equivalent function in Minitab for each in Data Desk, but they are both statistics software and the terminology is similar or identical.

For this exercise we need to calculate the Pearson Product-Moment correlation, and plot a Scatterplot. Hmmm... I bet Scatterplot is under the Graphs menu... yup. And correlation?

Found it!

Enjoy learning about statistics and sticking it to the man. If this article saved you $60, please consider donating $10 or more to the Guelph Humane Society. The pups and kitties will be grateful.


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