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Bicycle engine clutch gear replacement (Part 5: Bearing assembly)

Supplies: New bearings (optional), grease (wheel bearing grease, CV joint grease, or molybdenum grease), degreaser, block of wood
Parts: clutch gear (disc), clutch pads
Tools: arbor press or vise, drill, large socket

  1. Thoroughly clean the bearings and bearing race with degreaser
    Cleaning bearings
  2. Apply enough grease to the race to make it sticky.
  3. Pro tip: If you leave the bearings and race in the magentic part tray for a while, they will become magnetized and will almost assemble themselves.
  4. Install each of the bearings into the race.
    Installing bearings into race
  5. When all bearings are installed, thoroughly coat them in grease. Get it right up in there into their private parts.
    Greasing the bearings
  6. Seat the race into the new clutch disc.
    Installing bearing race
  7. Make a tool like the one shown.
    Press tool
  8. Sandwich the assembly tool, clutch gear, bearing race, flywheel and a large socket together.
  9. Use an arbor press or vise to press the assemblies into place.
    Pressing everything together
  10. Pro tip: Preheat the bearing race with a hot air gun to make it expand before assembly.
  11. Wipe away all excess grease.
  12. Install the clutch pads into the clutch disc.
    Installing clutch pads
  13. Use a wooden block and hammer to seat the pads, if necessary.
    Seating the pads

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