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Chris, the Ramones, and the summer of '89

The Ramones

Sensory memory. I's when a sound, smell, taste, etc. takes you back to latent memory.

The CBC just played Teenage Labotomy and I was instantly transported to the summer of 1989. It was a summer that I hope most kids get: the indulgence of doing as little as possible.

I spent most of that summer with my best friend Chris.

Chris and I both lived on Pine Grove Crescent in Lisle Ontario. More accurately, Pine Grove Crescent was a "suburb" of about 50 people about a kilometre outside the metropolis of Lisle, population 300 or thereabouts.

Chris got me my job at the Sweet 'n' Spicy Restaurant in Alliston. We worked together as dishwashers. We worked hard, and we had a lot of fun. We weren't old enough to drive yet, and so we spent many nights together at 2am riding our bikes the 15km or so home, usually with a couple of beers under our belt.

Much of that summer was spend hanging around the neighbourhood. Chris was into skateboarding, the Ramones, and Thrash culture. He usually (willingly) dragged me along, and I even picked up a few moves on the quarter-pipe.

Most days included a bike ride into downtown Lisle (where the two roads intersect) to the the gas station/restaurant/movie rental place/arcade (all the same tiny place) to play pinball, video games and flirt with the girls.

Chris, if you're reading this, give me a call.


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