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Day 20: Mapusa Market

Keep your ducks in a row, and your chickens... stoned?
NO handbags or purses (or whatever else they are).

I was awoken at 3:30 by a torrential downpour. Rain is quite rare in the winter in Goa, but it does happen occasionally. This is the first, and likely only, rain that I will see on my trip.

The rain and its humidity seemed to bring out more mosquitos. After an hour of killing them, and piling their corpses as a warning to the others, I gave up on getting back to sleep. I chatted with Sarah and then got up and made tea.

I was planning on going to the Goa Science Centre today, followed by SEQC quiz night, but the rain would have made the trip miserable by motorcycle, and impractical otherwise.

Ulrike and I took advantage of a brief pause in the rainy day to go to Mapusa market, an outdoor market for food, clothes, and household items. It got:

  • a leather wallet, INR 100
  • a leather belt, INR 100
  • cargo shorts, INR 60
  • 500g of cashews, INR 275
  • two things for wife-unit
  • a chiku milkshake, INR 30

The chickens in the photo were disturbing. They are alive, and no, chickens do not normally lie in neat rows.

Ulrike found a booth at which, I assume the movie studios, in an insightful new sales strategy (no doubt copying Apple's dollar-a-song iTunes model), were selling new releases such as Birdman and 50 Shades of Gray on DVD for 50 rupees.


Darn, I thought you'd be silly enough to put what you bought me. You have outsmarted me, husband-bot.

Memory is RAM.


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