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Day 23: Madgaon to New Delhi in 26 hours

Rajdhani Express

The Rajdhani Express is a high-speed train that runs from Madgaon, Goa to New Delhi, 2000km in 26 hours. It left at 10:00, so after tea and goodbyes, I left Porvorim by bus to Madgaon via Panjim, arriving at 9:30. On my last day in Goa, I finally had the bus “system” worked out.

The train would arrive In Delhi the next day around noon. From there, I would need to make my way across the Delhi subway system to another train station to catch the train to Kalma; however that train would not leave until nightfall, so this would leave me the day to explore Delhi a bit (one of the places my sister would not visit, FYI).

I figured out that if I timed things right, I would not need to seek accommodation, instead sleeping on the trains.

The ticket that I booked to Delhi was AC1, first class. I figured the 26-hour trip might be a good time to spend extra for comfort. My only comparison was sleeper class, which I took from Mumbai to Goa upon arriving in India. The two classes are very different experiences, and I now know my preference.

More on that, later.

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