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Day 26: Kalka to New Delhi to Mumbai

McDonalds menu at Old Delhi station

I slept the night in Sleeper class, this time with a blanket, and awoke in new Delhi.

I stored my pack at Old Delhi station so I could spend the day looking around.

I walked around the central Rajiv Chowk, looking for an internet café. I found it, but it was just a computer and a printer; and they didn't serve coffee.

I had two very friendly people come up to me to chat.

"Where are you from?"


"French or English?"

Hmmm, I thought after speaking to the second one, that's odd that they both asked? I eventually figured out that it was their job to befriend tourists, recommend a shopping mall, and arrange to take you there.

I went back to the station to get my things, and then took the Metro to New Delhi station, where I boarded the 16h express train to Mumbai. This time I took AC Three Tier class, which is like Sleeper but with linens, food, and air conditioning.

When I boarded there was a guy in my seat talking to his friend. He seemed quite irate that I asked for my seat.

One of my fellow passengers was playing some nice Indian music softly. The guy in my seat pulled out his tablet and starts watching a movie at maximum volume. What a dick! Then he pulled out his phone and invited his friend to come join us from another car.

I sat by the window enjoying the view. Then in the reflection I noticed that this guy and his friend from the other car are making fun of me, my attire, and are planning a prank in which they will kick my bed all night and pour water on me. This was all in Hindi, of course, but the guy would make an excellent mime.

I asked the guy in the seat next to me, with whom the jerk was originally sitting, to tell his friend that he is being a cock, that I found it quite insulting, and that only an asshole would treat a guest to their country in this way. He spoke English, and had gone to college at Fanshawe in London Ontario. He said something to his friend, who looked a bit embarassed, and shut up for the rest of the night.

I woke up in Mumbai.

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