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If Fiddler was portable… wait, it is!

Fiddler, the HTTP debugging proxy is an excellent tool. I use it almost every day for AJAX development, server debugging, and examining almost anything else that flys through tcp/80 on which I need to keep an eye.

I'm a huge fan of portable apps. In fact, the fifty or so portable apps that I use regularly follow me from computer-to-computer thanks to Dropbox. I was just thinking how great it would be if Fiddler was portable. I checked the download page but was disappointed to see a portable version wasn't offered. Then I wondered…

I downloaded Fiddler4 and used 7-Zip to open [geshifilter-code]Fiddler4BetaSetup.exe[/geshifilter-code]. I wasn't surprised that I could open it; after all, many installers are self-extracting .exe's. What did surpise me is that when I unzipped the whole lot to its own directory, it ran perfectly. I haven't testing it thoroughly to see if anything is broken, but it did the job and I'll certainly be adding it to my portable toolkit.



This post just made my day. Really saved me a lot of trouble here. Thanks a lot.

Awesome piece of software


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