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Ports upgrade broke my mail server

A day or two ago I upgraded the ports in my jails. This stopped postfix from accepting mail. The problem was that postgrey, which listens for postfix on tcp/10023 stopped running. It produced an error about not being able to bind to ::1. I got it back running again by altering the flags in the startup script (/usr/local/etc/rc.d/postfix) from:

postgrey_flags=${postgrey_flags:-"--pidfile=${postgrey_pidfile}  --inet=10023 -d --user=postgrey --group=postgrey --dbdir=/var/db/postgrey  --x-greylist-header=${postgrey_greylist_header}"}


postgrey_flags=${postgrey_flags:-"--pidfile=${postgrey_pidfile}  --inet= -d --user=postgrey --group=postgrey --dbdir=/var/db/postgrey  --x-greylist-header=${postgrey_greylist_header}"}

This forces binding to the IPv4 port only.

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