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The .ws TLD for web services... pass it on.

Does anyone disagree that the availability of [geshifilter-code].ws[/geshifilter-code] domains is pointless?

Perhaps in an attempt to generate revenues like Italy ([geshifilter-code].it[/geshifilter-code]), Tuvalu ([geshifilter-code].tv[/geshifilter-code]), Montenegro ([geshifilter-code].md[/geshifilter-code]), and Tonga ([geshifilter-code].to[/geshifilter-code]) did, Samoa (formerly Western Samoa) made available this ccTLD for general registration (that is, residency is not a requirement). Global Domains International Ltd. represents the TLD on behalf of Samoa and markets it as Your Internet Address for Life, essentially an all-purpose alternative to [geshifilter-code].com[/geshifilter-code].

I'm of the opinion that the last thing the world needs is another one-TLD-for-all-your-needs. However, for the last five years I have been registering [geshifilter-code].ws[/geshifilter-code] domains for the purpose of web services. It's a nice way to distinguish websites-for-people from webservices-for-computers. You can even create subdomains for types of services, such as [geshifilter-code][/geshifilter-code], [geshifilter-code][/geshifilter-code], [geshifilter-code][/geshifilter-code], [geshifilter-code][/geshifilter-code], etc.

All the cool kids are doing it. Pass it on... it might even help out a country where the GDP per capita is about 1/10th of Canada or the U.S.A.

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