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Terminal to GIF creator

Drawing: Kitten

I guess I felt inspired to draw this week.


Drawing: Girl Plays Candy Crush


Drawing: Birdie

Just a drawring of mine.


Unable to unghost an actor in Solidworks Composer

Sometimes an actor will look translucent, but when I select it the opacity is set to the maximum.

In the Assembly tab, click the Assembly Selection Mode button (the first one that looks like a lego brick).

Now the actor's opacity will be correct and it can be adjusted.

Victoria Day, or May 2-4?


I sincerely doubt that.

.NET class library for SainSmart relay boards

SainSmart.NET is a .NET class library (and example application) for controlling USB and network relay boards sold by SainSmart.

I developed this library as part of my current project to automate photography capture of about 15000 35mm slides.


Cannot register ActiveX/COM control, Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

A COM component cannot be registered from a network drive.


"No active remote repositories configured." running pkg in jail

Copy /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf from the host to the jails


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